The Eternal rests On Obedience

We come to the final players in the nativity story, the Magi.

The wise men, kings, of the East. 

They traveled miles and years just to get a glimpse of this king,

who they understood was a King of kings.

When they finally reached Jerusalem,  they asked King Herod

about the baby who was destined to be a king.

The questions disturbed Herod's peace.

Afterall, he was king, and no baby was going to take his place.

Right?  of course right.

And if Herod wasn't happy, no one was happy.

We all know people like him. 

People who make sure that their unhappiness spills over on to those around them.

So, how did Herod decide to make sure there could be no other king?

He decided to kill all the baby boys two years old and under.

Now all of Jerusalem was in unrest as well as Herod.

But God was there watching and caring for that baby.

The Magi whom God had sent on a mission to worship the King of kings

were warned by that same God not to go back and report to Herod.

They were warned to go home another way.

They left immediately for the east, traveling by another way as they had been instructed.

This simple act of obedience probably saved the life of Jesus.

Herod never learned from the Magi where the king he wanted to kill was staying.

This single act gave Mary and Joseph time to flee Israel

before Herod could destroy the savior of the world.

Each of the people in the story of the nativity was obedient to the nudge, whisper, and shout of almighty God.

Each act of obedience was necessary. 

Anyone of these people, or all, could have chosen to ignore Gods voice opting for a more

comfortable way.

But they didn't.  They chose obedience and earned a place in the story in the birth of Jesus.

None of them knew or understood the magnitude of their obedience at the time.

But they did know and trust the one giving the orders.

At times God may ask us to do something or say something,

that seems crazy,

will cost us something,

will require going against the flow of public opinion

and we will need to be obedient to what God asks, no questions asked.

We may not ever know why because not every story is the nativity.

But your obedience may have eternal results.

results that we will only see when the page has turned.

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