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Well Done!

It was hot.  I was tired. I spent all morning working at a job.  I was doing my best to do my job the best that I could do it.    Looking at the progress, I felt that I had done an excellent job and accomplished a great deal.  I was congratulating myself on my A+ work.  I felt like I had succeeded.  Then the supervisor came by she looked at the work smiled and said "That looks really good.  You did a good job."  She gave me a high five.  Yes!  My heart soared.   My work was good enough.    It was only five words, but I was on cloud nine the rest of the day.  We all love and need to hear words of affirmation.  We want to know what we have done is good enough, that someone thinks we are good enough.
        As sweet as those words of encouragement were to hear, it also reminded me that there will be another day when I hope to listen to words of affirmation.  One day, this life will be over, and my work in this life will be done, and I will stand before my Lord.  My desire is …