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Thank you God for Time

I  am thankful today for time.

I am thankful that, while it is valuable,

it is given to each person with impartiality,

no one gets more or less than twenty-four hours in a day.

I am thankful that 

we choose to invest that or squander our time

I am grateful that 

I do not have to spend all my time working,

I can also spend time with my children and family.

watching a movie, or getting coffee or talking.

I am grateful that as time moves on,

it can change things,

but mostly it changes how we see things. 

Often a moment of time, 

changes everything as well.

I am grateful for the reminder to live well

and make time for the important things.

Thank You, God For the Privilege of Voting

Today, I am thankful that we live in a country 

where the citizens can choose 

who they want to be our leader.

Although at times it can be a struggle

when the person you would choose 

is not the same as others,

I am thankful for this privilege

of deciding who will be our leader.

I am also thankful that 

no one becomes a leader 

without your knowledge or permission.

I am also grateful that 

the choices are not permanent,

we can choose different leaders

in the next election.