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What's Your Dirty Counter-top?

About two weeks ago I recreated our counter-top (I gave it a face lift) in a faux granite look.  I love it.  Over the weekend, I was given five baskets of tomatoes.  What a blessing!! So I made spaghetti sauce.  Do you know it’s very hard to make spaghetti sauce without making a mess? It is, trust me on this.  This morning as I was making coffee I decided to wipe off the counter-top.  It didn't look too dirty, so it wouldn't take too long, right?  Wrong!!! As I started cleaning, I noticed that the counter-top was filthy even though it didn't look dirty at all.  I was congratulating myself on choosing colors that would hide the dirt well, then suddenly I stopped and laughed at myself.  Did I really want the dirt to be hidden?  Of course not!! I want The counter-top to BE clean mot just appear to be clean.  I thought of when Jesus called the Pharisees whitewashed tombs.   What he was saying is that, although they looked clean, they were grubby and full of rotting, disgustin…