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He Said, “No”

It was eight o’clock; two hours left of work.   I was working the closing shift.  It was a retailer’s nightmare. I had about a bazillion things to do and not nearly enough time in which to get the tasks completed.  It felt like Deja vu.  I had been in this situation many times and it had NEVER ended well.  We had lines of customers all wanting service, and equipment needing to be cleaned.  Add to this, the fact that there was only two of us to get everything done.  The stress level was rising and I just knew we were going to finish late.  I have to confess, I was beginning to stomp my feet inside.  I didn’t WANT to stay late to finish cleaning.  So, as I was snatching a few minutes to wash a few dishes between customers, I said, “God, help!  I really don’t want to stay any later than I have to.”  As nine o’clock approached, I realized that, amid all the chaos, we had somehow managed to get caught up and we were pretty close to on schedule.  Our stress began to ease a little and we be…