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Change of Plans

So my plan for today was to travel with my husband to Binghamton to visit with his family that we have not seen in forever….. ok at least 20 years.  I made sure I asked for the time off everything was set, or so I thought.  I found out one of the days I asked for was denied.  This meant shortening our stay in Binghamton, but we were still set to go.  Then, earlier this week we found out that his family had other plans so we decided to wait and go later when they would be available.  Now I was left with two days off and nothing planned.  One thing I decided was that I was not sitting home and doing nothing for the two day off.  So I decided to go visit a local beach.   I put my mp3 on and walked on the beach.  It was lovely.  I even took some pictures.  Often it’s easy to be irritable when we have to change our plans or when our day does not work out the way we planned.  Sometimes, when we have to change our plans we  throw a temper tantrum like a little child rather than changing our…