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A Great Honor

As I checked my phone on Saturday, I noticed a message from my daughter.  “Mom, can you pray for me”?  It went on to say, “I've been sick and throwing up all night."  Of course, I stopped right there and said a prayer for her.  Later, as I thought about the exchange, it made me smile that when my daughter had a problem, she came to me and asked for prayer.  Over the years, I have had others who have stopped and asked me to pray with them.  Sometimes they were people that I knew well and at other times, it was someone I barely knew.  Yet as I thought about it, I was humbled and honored that people understood that I would stand in the gap for them.  I would lift them up before God.  Yes, I believe in the power of prayer and I do not always wait for others to ask me to pray for them.  However, until now, I never thought about what a privilege it is to know that others see you as a person of prayer.  It is truly amazing when I realize that others see me as the kind of person who …