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My story

I’ve been told that writing out your story of how you came to Jesus is a good idea.  I’ don’t know because my story is not anything special, but it is my story. When I was little, I remember being afraid of my father because he was hard and I did not want to make him angry.  When I was probably six or seven my dad accepted Christ as his savior because of some Christians who love him unconditionally.  What a transformation!!  My dad became as kind and gentle as he had been calloused.  I knew anyone who could make that kind of transformation in a person was awesome.  A few years later, we had an evangelist come to the church.  I remember realizing that it wasn’t just my father that needed Jesus.  I needed him also. I didn’t accept Jesus as my savior right then, but a few years later at church camp.  I would love to say that I’ve always from that point on did everything right but the truth is, I haven’t.  I am reminded often of how far I have yet to go.  Praise God I am not the person I…