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Don't Get Fear Paralyzed

The Spirit we received does not make us slaves again to fear Romans 8:15
Lesson number three from Mr. Woodchuck is this: 
Don’t let fear paralyze you.
Part of the problem is that when Woody saw or heard the car coming, 
he got scared.  
Fear paralyzed that little guy, and he started reacting rather than acting.  
Woody’s fear caused him to dart aimlessly back and forth.  
It prevented him from thinking clearly.
Sometimes, I am going through life and minding my own business 
when suddenly my life gets messy,
and I get fear paralyzed just like Mr. Woodchuck. 
Fear has a way of paralyzing me. 
When a loved one or I get sick, fear can slip in making me panic.
When money is tight anxiety can barge in 
making me act in a manner that is out of character for me.

When I am alone,  fear can attack me making me reach out to people rather than God for help.
When I remember who is with me, I am not afraid.
When I remember who the author of fear is, I am not afraid.
When I remember who to fear, things come int…