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What If...

Sunday, I was up early and ready for church.  The sun was shining; it was going to be a beautiful day.  Then, out of the blue, it happened.  I read a post on Facebook.
By now you all suppose it was something negative or obscene, But it wasn’t.
It was a simple picture with the words “God loves it when we make time for him, but it started a myriad of thoughts:  
I thought of my grown children and how much even a simple phone call can mean to me because I know they are busy, so I appreciate their willingness to make time for me.
I thought of how much time I spend with God.  I won’t lie; it is appalling. 
~5 minutes in the morning,
A quick prayer at noon, ~30 seconds
Another quick prayer at supper, ~another 30 seconds
Scripture time at night, ~ 5 minutes
Oh and let’s not forget a prayer right before bed.~ 10 minutes (I'm being generous.)
I was ashamed and immediately resolved to do better, and I have.
The questions remained and continued to hound me because I realized that I am not the only one…