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Broaden your Horizons

Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.  Those were the words Jesus spoke to Peter and Andrew, and James and John.  These men were fishermen.  It’s what they did.  I imagine that it might be all they knew.   Imagine the surprise of these men when Jesus called them to follow him.   There was no hesitation.  We read that they immediately left their nets and followed him.   They left their nets and everything to follow the teacher from Galilee.  As I was thinking about this, one thought jumped out at me.  Jesus said, “I will make you Fishers of men.”  It like he was saying to these burly fishermen, “look, I know that you are fishermen, and I’m not interested in changing that.  I know your passion is fishing.  I just want to broaden your horizon.  Right now you are catching fish in the Jordan River, but I want you to think bigger.  I want you to fish for men instead of carp, trout or whatever fish they were in the habit of catching.”    When we come to Jesus, He wants to broaden our…