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Be Thankful

Since my "other" job is in retail, We will celebrate Thanksgiving probably next week.
Before anyone gets a whip for the stores open on Thanksgiving,
please know that they would not be open if people were not there shopping

and I am more than happy to celebrate later or earlier whatever works out best.
Thanksgiving should be and is, at least for me,  a time to pause and cultivate a thankful spirit.
So whether I celebrated yesterday or today, or sometime next week was not a big deal to me.
However, as I watched the mad frenzy of people
running around hoping to get that great deal on a sweeper or 
Or some other product that was on sale,
I was reminded there in the store of how truly blessed I am.
The thought occurred to me 
that there is nothing I truly need.
Yes, there are things I might like,
But I have a house,
clothes and a car
more than enough food.
I am not rolling in money
but thanks be to God who has blessed me,
I have what I need.
My life is not perfect;
yes I have hard  days
 and face …