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Who Are You Listening To?

Today, I had twelve party trays to make in twelve hours.  Wow!  No wonder I am whipped. My partner and I managed to whip out eight of the trays in about four hours.  That is quite an accomplishment, in case anyone cares.  It was then that things fell apart.  It all started with my partner saying, we have till seven; it was only twelve then.   My instinct told me to keep plugging and finish the party trays before we moved on to other tasks because time has a habit of slipping away.   However, I am not always the most powerful person so I caved and we put off the other four trays.   Then things got worse; we had other customers and other tasks to accomplish. Suddenly it was three, and we still had three platters to do.   It was right about this time that I hated my decision to wait on the other trays.  I face that frequently because I have a habit of second guessing myself and listening to the wrong voices.  Often in my spiritual life, the same thing happens,  I know what God says, but …