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So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.  In Acts 5, John and the apostles were placed in prison.  During the night, an angel came and led them out of the prison.  They were set free.  In Acts 12, Peter is seized and thrown into prison.  Again Peter is guided out of prison in the middle of the night by a messenger of God.  He was freed from the grasp of the King.  Imagine the surprise to find the jail locked but the prisoners gone.  The prison could not hold them.  There has not been a prison created that can hold what God has set free.   If a physical prison cannot hold a person who God has decided should go free then prisons of the mind cannot hold us captive either.  All of us find ourselves in a cage at one time or another.  The same God who drew Peter and the apostles out of prison can set us free from the worst kind of prisons; the prisons of fear that we have built in our mind.    The apostles were put I jail by others.  Often we put ourselves in the prisons of th…