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On Thursday, I went to our church camp.  My plan was to attend a meeting and then go to a service afterward.  As the time drew near for the meeting, I got distracted with taking care of some business on my cell phone.  Without warning, it was time for the meeting.  So I grabbed my nearly- dead phone and hurried to the building where the meeting was to be held proud of myself for not being late.  As I sat down, I realized that I forgot a pen.  However, since I did not honestly need to write anything down, I was in beautiful shape.  The meeting went long, and the service had started by the time the meeting ended.  Now, it was raining.  Since I hate wet clothes, I ran from one building to the other trying desperately not to get soaked.  I congratulated myself on succeeding in my endeavor to stay dry, as I took the one open seat with the rest of the family.    We sang another song or two and then the pastor said, “Today we’ll be reading from Ephesians.   Whoops!  In my neglect and haste, …