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We just came home from church.  I was making lunch.  I had my music on and all was right in the world.  Then out of the blue, everything changed.  Why? My son said some mean and hurtful things.  He has mental limitations so I know he didn’t mean them, but they still hurt.  Right then, if there were loveometers to show how much we feel loved, mine would have been flat lined (like I was dead).  In reality, for a moment, I was dead emotionally.  It served as a reminder that every one of us needs a steady supply of love.  Our being thrives on knowing that we are loved. For me, the problem arises when I look to others to supply all the love I need.  I sometimes want people to fill a need that they can’t always fill.   Sometimes, for whatever reason people will let us down emotionally.  They can’t help it. They are human and flawed and broken like me.  I was reminded to cut other some slack and don’t take it personally when they fail to show me the love I need.  I was also reminded to be s…