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Oh Come Let Us Worship Him!

Everyone, well almost everyone, loves a baby.  We love to cuddle and ooh and ah over them.  There is just something about a baby that draws most of us to them.  All of us parents know, they are helpless and a lot of work and they never sleep yet we love them.  They bring out the “warm fuzzies” in us.  We look at them and see perfection.
The same is true of the baby Jesus.  We all get excited to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus.  We love to listen to the Christmas story about the baby born in a manger.  We sing carols.  The thought of the baby in a manger gives us warm fuzzies; even many who don’t believe in God have no problem with a baby in a manger.
The problem is that babies don’t stay little.  No, they grow into teens with attitudes and into adults with responsibilities.  Guess what! The baby Jesus didn’t stay little either.  No, he was not destined to stay a baby forever either.  He was the Wonderful Counselor, The mighty God, The Prince of Peace, The King of Kings, and The…