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Sweeter Than Honey

Have you ever noticed that thank you seems to be an extinct word in our society?  In fact, it so rare that we are surprised and left speechless when someone uses it.  How many of us have done something for someone for which the person never said a “thank you” or maybe worse they acted like it was expected of you and you owed it to them to do this deed.  They go on their “merry” way and you are left feeling disillusioned.  I know that, as a Christian, we are not supposed to do things to be noticed.  So I often struggle yelling at myself for those feelings of disappointment and hurt; trying to reconcile my feelings with what God says.  I have decided that, even if the person will not be appreciative and they NEVER say “thank you”, I will still choose to do nice and good deeds because I want to not because I have to do them. I have also come to the conclusion that desiring or wanting to hear a thank you is not wrong.  Jesus, when he healed the ten lepers, was disappointed that only one p…