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God is my helper

If I had to choose one word that described the last month, the word would be "trust".   I have different responsibilities in which I know that if I succeed, it is because God helped me.  It has been a good learning experience, but one that has forced me to rely on God to help me in making right decisions.  So far, most of the decisions I have made have been good and have worked out well.  But that is because I have a good teacher God.  When I am not sure which direction to go, I ask God, and he shows me what I need to know.  I often come home shaking my head and saying, “I have the best teacher, God.”  What a confidence booster to know that I have the one person who does know everything, giving me counsel.  I can’t go wrong with his advice.   I only have to follow it.  I know that on my own, I am helpless. But with God as my helper, I have all the resources I need to succeed.  He's as close as a whisper.