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God Bless America

It’s July 3rd  I have been thinking about how everyone will be celebrating.

People will have barbeques, some will be drinking.  There will, of course, be fireworks and some will be singing songs like “God Bless America” or perhaps “God Bless the USA”.  As I considered this,  I have to confess I was nauseated, sick to my stomach.  

How dare we ask the Almighty God to bless a country that has made themselves a stench in his nostrils?  

How dare we ask the sovereign God to bless America when we have “redefined marriage” to allow sexual perversion?

How dare we ask the God of the universe to Bless America when we “legalize” the killing of unborn children, but we may not kill a wolf destroying our food?

No, I can not sing a song asking God to bless a country that has shaken its fist in the face of the one upon whom our country depended upon when establishing this country.  I cannot ask God to bless a country who has tur…