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God Whispers

Today I want to thank God for the times when God talks to us.   There have been many times in my life when God has given wisdom, insight, direction when I need it most.  Sometimes have lost "things", usually the keys.  I have always had a hard time keeping track of those things.  I am sure they have legs. I search every nook and cranny and come up empty. In despair, I call out to God and as I continue searching the planet for what was lost, I have this "whispering voice" saying, "Did you look in the (insert place) ".  I'll go back and look and sure enough right there they are, right where I left them.  Other times, God has given me wisdom concerning people.  Sometimes it's just a negative feeling about someone that I cannot "put aside".  I've learned to listen to those feelings because I serve a God who discerns the heart.  At times, I have asked God to show me who to trust.  He has answered by bringing situations to light showing a…