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I Need a Guide

A few weeks ago, I was hiking at Jakes rocks.  It was relaxing to walk in the woods.  Even though it was fun as I was reflecting on the excursion, I could not help but imagine how much more fun it would have been if I had a guide to lead me.  I needed someone familiar with the trails; that would be able to lead me and guarantee that I would not lose my way.  Truth is I was afraid to go too far along the trails because I did not want my darling husband to have to send in a search party for me.  Friends if our desire is to get to heaven, then we need someone who has already been there to show us the way.  There is only one person, which I’m aware of, who qualifies for that job; that is Jesus Christ. He knows all about life on this earth; he lived among us.  He faced every struggle that we could face, so he is more than capable of leading us through this life without getting us lost.  There is no pitfall that can surprise him.  When we trust his leading, the journey is so much more relax…