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Easter Saturday

It’s Easter Saturday the day sandwiched between “Good Friday” and “Resurrection Sunday.”   There are dinners being planned, Easter egg hunts, and all kinds of other plans being made for our celebration of Easter.  I imagine the scene the first Easter was quite different.  No one was planning meals; they were making burial plans perhaps they had even dispensed with eating.  The disciples were somber.  They had watched Jesus die a horrific death one day earlier.  They thought he was going to be a king, but now he was gone and for all they knew, they were the next ones on the list.  The mood was quiet, there was no busyness only uncertainty.  The uncertainty of what they had witnessed and what they should do now.  They had no grand expectation of Jesus rising from the dead.  What they had on Easter Saturday was the finality of death; just that and nothing else.  So as we think about Easter Saturday lets quiet out hearts and focus on what Jesus death on the cross accomplished.   Exactly w…