Thank you God For Work

Thank you, God, for work.

Thank you for creating us with the desire to work.

Thank you for the direction that work often gives us. 

Thank you for the work you gave me,

even though it comes with its own set of  struggles

and challenges.

It's not perfect.

I'm thankful that it also comes with its own reward

when you know, you did a job well.

So whether your work is detailed, intricate and demanding

or simple and easy be thankful for it.

I'm thankful for the friends I've made at work.

Thank you God for Blessings

Today I'm thankful for blessings.
Little gestures that brighten my day
It may be a kind word or a smile.
I'm thankful for the blessings that I didn't anticipate
like coaching a quiz team,
or having four children.
These are things that as I look back,
I would never change them,
unless I could have them last longer.
Thank you for the treasures they have become.
Thank you, God, that I did not miss these blessings

Thank You For Freedom

Thank you, God, for creating in each of us,   

from the beginning of time,

a desire to be free.

Free from tyrants and bullies,

free to come and go as we please,

 to worship as we want;

to make our own choices.

Thank you for the desire to be free spiritually.

yet,  I often live in slavery and fear.
Thank you, God, for paying the price for our spiritual freedom,

freedom from fear and its power.

I long to be free of this world,

Thank you, God,

that the day will come when I will be unshackled from all

of the trappings of this world.

and I will be as free as a butterfly.

Thank you God For Fresh Water

We go to the sink and get some water from the faucet to drink. 

We put some water in a pan so we can cook.

We toss clothes in a washer and wash clothes.

We turn a handle and, we can have hot or cold water for a shower.

I am grateful to have water at our disposal.

It's easy to take the blessing of water for granted,

using it without a second thought.

So, thank you, God, for the blessing of water.

I am reminded that some people live in places with little to no water,

and it's not fresh.

The water we drink is not dirty

and we don't share it with animals.

So as you drink some crisp, clean, refreshing water

Thank God that you have this luxury.

It's easy to forget that not everyone is blessed with clean water.

Thank you God For Memories

Thank you, God, for Memories.

As I grow older, my memories have sweeter each year.

Thank you for memories of long walks in the woods.

and a winter when there was snow overtops of the trees. 

                              yes, it did happen.

I'm thankful for the many memories we  

created in this house

I'm thankful for memories of playing softball

with the pastor of our church.

As he stepped to the plate, he said, 

"You need to move back further" to the outfield.

They laughed until he hit the ball a mile over their heads and into the woods. 

He did not run the bases; he walked each one of them. Game over.

 I don't think they ever did find the ball.

I'm grateful for the memories that my sweetheart

 and I have created over the years;
having dinner on The Victorian Princess.

Memories of thinking I could outrun him.  

I found out too late; 
he could bust a fast sprint when necessary.
And there are memories of some hilarious car rides.
Once we got stuck between two hills and couldn&…

Thank You God for Comforts We Enjoy

I'm a creature of comfort; most of us are.

There are many things that I enjoy every day,

which, if I'm honest, I take for granted.

A nice relaxing cup of coffee in the morning.

and I am grateful for my counter the sinks,  and running water.
. and I am grateful that my bathroom is not an outhouse.
And I am definitely grateful for my car.

It's not new or anything, but it sure beats 

a horse and buggy, or walking.

I prefer something warm.

Often in our American culture, 
we take much of this for granted.
We expect to have clean running water, 
and heat in a house and food on the table.
We whine about the need to wash the dishes,
or do the laundry, 
forgetting that for many even these basic things
 are a luxury they do not have.  
Thank you, God, for everything we are given.  
They are gifts from your hand.

Thank you God for Time

I  am thankful today for time.

I am thankful that, while it is valuable,

it is given to each person with impartiality,

no one gets more or less than twenty-four hours in a day.

I am thankful that 

we choose to invest that or squander our time

I am grateful that 

I do not have to spend all my time working,

I can also spend time with my children and family.

watching a movie, or getting coffee or talking.

I am grateful that as time moves on,

it can change things,

but mostly it changes how we see things. 

Often a moment of time, 

changes everything as well.

I am grateful for the reminder to live well

and make time for the important things.