Lessons From Woody

A few weeks ago, I met a woodchuck.  
We met as I was driving.   
I was behind the wheel minding my own business 
when I noticed a Woody on the berm of the road.  
As I got closer to where Woody was, I said, “Stay there. Don’t move.”  
He moved.  
He ran into the middle of the road, then turned and ran back.  
Then, he stopped and once more started across the street.  
It was about the same time I reached that point in the road.  
With cars behind me, I closed my eyes not wanting to see poor Woody’s demise.  
As I thought about it later, I realized that there were some lessons for me and you.   
So, for the next few days, I will be sharing these lessons from Woody.

What Are You Planting

When I was growing up, every year my dad would plant a garden.   
I helped (forced labor).  
I didn’t mind because I loved helping my dad.  
He would plant potatoes and green beans and corn.  
We worked all summer, then in the fall we enjoyed the fresh veggies. 
The funny thing is, we always got when we planted.   
I mean my dad never planted beans and had carrots grow.  
Most of you, right now, are saying,” duh.”  
There is a physical law that says, “You reap what you sow.”  
We all understand this law in the physical realm, 
but it’s also true in the spiritual realm.  
We reap what we plant.
If we plant seeds of love
Then love, we will harvest.
If we plant seeds of bitterness
We should not be surprised if we receive that back.
What we often forget is that whether we like it or not 
and whether we know it or not we are planting seeds.

The seeds we plant determine the harvest that we will have.  
If we want love in our lives, we must sow seeds of love, 
and if we wish to have mercy, we must start with ke…

The Sin of Perfectionism

You spent hours practicing a song for a recital.  You sang it correctly except for one note which, in your opinion, was slightly flat, or maybe it was sharp either way it was off key.  No one could tell the difference but you.  You knew.  As you reflect on the recital, you don’t hear the compliments from the people who came and enjoyed a lovely concert because all you can hear in your head is one wrong note.  It’s the note of perfectionism.  The sharp sound that says, "not good enough."
You painted a room.  It was the perfect shade of blue-gray.  Everyone who saw it praised your work, telling you how beautiful it looked.  But you, you know that you ran out and could not get the exact color, so it’s a slightly different tint.  No one can honestly tell but every time you walk into the room you see a tint failure.  It wasn’t perfect. 
Perfectionism always says,” you’re not good enough, you failed,” even when the job was done beautifully to others, perfectionism still looks for t…

I'm Old-fashioned

You're old-fashioned!
My children would snark it at me when they were growing up.
Usually, it was because I would not let them go to a party,
or wear something or watch a movie that, in my opinion, was inappropriate.
I've had it thrown at me at other times and places too.
At work, when I won't go out drinking.
or participate in casual flirting.
Other times I hear it 
when I insist on being honest even though it makes things harder.
I would be lying to say that it never bothers me.
It hurts.
But, when I'm honest with myself,
I am old-fashioned.
If by "old-fashioned" you mean that I will not live with a man that is not my husband,
then I am definitely old-fashioned.
If by "old-fashioned" you mean that I believe you can have fun without alcohol
then I am positively old fashioned.
If by "old-fashioned” you mean that I will not knowingly lie or cheat,
I am busted.
If you mean that I treat people fairly.  Convicted
If you mean that I believe that there is only one way …

meditations from God's word

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What Is Your Legacy?

He was openly evil before God, walking in the footsteps of Jeroboam, who both sinned and made Israel sin.   1Kings 15:33-34
It's father's day.   A day we honor our fathers.
Hopefully, most of us had good fathers, and they had a good impact on us.
My own father taught me many things.
Things like the value of hard work, and how to plant a garden.
I also came to believe in God because I saw the changes God made in my dad's life.
People who knew my dad still stop me and tell me about the impact he had on their life.
In those times, God reminds me that every person on the planet is leaving a legacy,
things people will remember about them.
Jeroboam was King of Judah.
His legacy?  That's quite a legacy.
He led a whole country into the sin of idolatry and like father, like son,
his children followed his example, and their children followed their pattern.
Each generation was becoming progressively worse.
As I read this, I remind myself that I need to be careful how I live.
Others may be wa…

Well Done!

It was hot.  I was tired. I spent all morning working at a job.  I was doing my best to do my job the best that I could do it.    Looking at the progress, I felt that I had done an excellent job and accomplished a great deal.  I was congratulating myself on my A+ work.  I felt like I had succeeded.  Then the supervisor came by she looked at the work smiled and said "That looks really good.  You did a good job."  She gave me a high five.  Yes!  My heart soared.   My work was good enough.    It was only five words, but I was on cloud nine the rest of the day.  We all love and need to hear words of affirmation.  We want to know what we have done is good enough, that someone thinks we are good enough.
        As sweet as those words of encouragement were to hear, it also reminded me that there will be another day when I hope to listen to words of affirmation.  One day, this life will be over, and my work in this life will be done, and I will stand before my Lord.  My desire is …