A Game Changer

I went to work with a plan, 

an agenda of what I would get done that day.

I was a mid-shift.  

My goal was to serve customers fry, and be there so others could have lunches.

That was before my supervisor told me to make subs.

I have to admit I was slightly put out.  

I didn't WANT to make subs.

It was not on my list of things to do.

I have to admit I was crushed and feeling sad.  

As I was reluctantly making subs, 

God said, "What if my plan was for you to make subs today?"

Suddenly, a lightbulb went on in my head that lit my heart.

At that moment, my heart understood what my head already knew.

God was in control.  If my boss wanted me to make subs,

It was because God wanted me to make subs.  

That day, I decided to be the best sub maker they ever saw.

I'm sure I wasn't, but I did my best.

What a difference it makes when we remember that

God is the one who is giving the task.  

It's the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down.

I can handle the wait in the Dr.s office i…

It'll Pass

This world is temporary.  It won’t last. 
Our life, in this world, is fleeting.  It’s not forever.  
The world and, our lives are always changing.   
One of the few sure things in our life is that situations will change 
and sometimes fast.  
The circumstances that you find yourself in at this moment 
in a matter of minutes can change drastically.  
The problem is that when we are in the middle of something 
unsettling, rough, or distasteful we only see what we don’t like or enjoy.  
We lose our perspective.  
We begin to feel as though this test will last forever.  
We grow weary of the situation, but if we hang on it’ll change.  
It’s not forever.  
Are you tired of school?  
It’ll pass.  
Maybe, today, you are a mother tired of changing diapers and cleaning up messes. 
Don’t lose hope.  One day, all those messes and diapers will be a distant memory.  
Are you tired of your job?  
One day, even your work will be in the past, and you may find it was not the pit you thought it was.  
Perhaps you are car…

Laws or Guns?

There was another shooting at a high school in Florida a few days ago. 

Every time this happens we get deluged with some people yelling that we need stricter  gun laws

and other people saying make sure teachers and administrators have guns.

Me? I'm not convinced either side is right.

But I do know this:

There are many laws concerning guns and gun use already in place.

The shooters don't care about gun laws or the law in general.

 should we arm the teachers with guns?

It may help, but remember the shooters go into a building prepared to die

so this will not stop them only slow them down.

The problem is not more guns

or more laws.

What we need is people unafraid to live like a Christian.

People unafraid to invade your neighbor's life,

not to criticize but to help and lift them up.

People unafraid to live without things so they can be home more

instead of buying that lie that we are making a better life for our kids.

Most of us grew up with fewer tv channels,

fewer food opt…

A Risk Free Guarantee

Trust is fragile. 

Just a single word or action can break a trust that took years to build.

We feel betrayed, crushed and deceived when that person or thing that we trusted in lets us down.

Every one of us spends our life looking for things that are guaranteed;

things that we can put our trust in.

Unfortunately, this world does not come with guarantees.

If we trust in a relationship, it may fail.

If we trust in money,  stock markets fail, and economies can change in a moment.

The money we have today may be gone tomorrow.

If we trust in a job, it may be gone in a day.

These things and any other thing we can put our trust in may come crashing down;

they aren't sure things.

There is only one thing that is risk-free. God.

He is a sure thing; something you can trust and put your confidence (your faith) in.

He will never let you down or disappoint you.

Faith in anything else is misplaced, and a dangerous risk. 

It can and will eventually let you down.

There is one more guarantee about …

The Cat's lesson

I was sick and you looked after me.  Matthew 34:36

Saturday, my plan was to work, relax and then spend Sunday with God and my family.  
God interrupted.  I could not get out of bed.   Tummy trouble.  
It is winter and many viruses and flu strains have been going around, 
so it was not surprising that I would catch something.
So while the rest of the family went to church, I laid on the sofa and slept; or tried to.
As I napped on the couch, our little kitten, 
who generally prefers his own company, came an laid down beside me and kept me company.
As I reflected on it later; when I was feeling better, 
it occurred to me that I often shy away from visiting people who are sick.
I justify it by saying:
I don't know what to say
I don't know what to do
I feel awkward.
Yet Jesus said  "I was sick and you looked after me"
As I was thinking about this, I realized that this kitten had given the perfect example.
He didn't come wanting to play,
or eat food.
He didn't even want…

God Created

First this: God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t see. Genesis 1:12

Today I spent almost three hours learning how to draw a lily.  I know some who have more talent could have done it in a few minutes.  But I wanted to make coasters with flowers on them.  I also want them to be good excellent; the best they could be.

I know taking over two hours to learn to draw a lily is not bad considering I have never tried to draw flowers.  However, as I put down my sketch pad and looked at the clock, I was amazed.  Wow!  Two hours learning to draw one flower.

Then I had, what I call, an aha moment.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I took two hours learning to draw one flower, but the God I serve

created the universe, sun, moon, stars

the earth

the sea, the animals

trees, flowers, fruits, and veggies

in just six days.

And it was perfect.

That thought filled me with awe and wonder.

Yet, as amazing as that is, the truth is, I believe, that he could have created in one minute.


Bullying is your problem

When I was in school, I frequently found myself the object of bullying.   In grade school, it was blaming so that the guilty party would go unpunished.  I was frequently blamed and I was too timid and shy to defend myself.  As a result, I often took the blame for the rest of the class when misdeed occurred; I frequently had a place on the "naughty bench" as it was called in my school.  At other times, I have been pushed off swings, called mean names, or punched because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Eventually, a seasoned teacher and principal realized what was happening and put an end to the bullying.

         In high school, I again found myself the object of hostility, not by many but by a few.  One person threatened me to the point I would walk the long way to classes if I could avoid her.  I was hit and kicked by this person only because she could.  With others, it was more verbal than physical bullying.

        As a result, I learned how to fade …