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A Magical Gift

A few weeks ago, I received some coasters as a Christmas gift.  I love it because the person made them just for me.  No, they aren’t expensive but I know that when she made them, I was on her mind.  She was making them special, just for me.  They were the best gift I could have been given.  A few years ago I received a mug from my older daughter.  She hijacked pictures of the family and them put on a mug.  Every time I use that mug I look at those pictures and smile.  Score one for the daughter who knew that mom would love to see those pictures whenever she sat down for a cup of “joe” (coffee).  There have been other gifts that, over the years, have meant the world to me because I knew that the person giving the gift had chosen it with care and love.  They were thinking of me.  They didn’t grab the first thing off the shelf and call it good enough.  No, they deliberately picked the one thing they knew I would love.  Gifts chosen with care, considering the receiver are magical.  To me…