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I have a son who hates leftovers.  He will gorge himself so that he does not have to eat leftovers.   I realize that he is not the only one who feels this way, and if I asked if any of you felt the same way, many of you would say you feel the same way.  It is indeed why there are some science experiments in the refrigerator.  We put them in the refrigerator figuring to eat them, but we didn’t honestly want them, so they stay there till we clean the refrigerator.         Yet, at the same time I wonder how often in our Christian life, we are guilty of offering our Lord, the creator of the universe, left overs.  We come to him with what we have after we have done the things you and I desire.  We give five minutes before bedtime because it way easier than getting up earlier or setting another time aside for God.  Instead of giving to God first, we offer him what money we have left after we have spent the rest on what's important to us.  We give God the parts of our lives that…