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Thank You

Wow!  God is good!  I just checked and realized that there have been over 10,000 people who stopped to read my blogs.   I’m humbled.   When I started writing these, I had no idea how it would go or even IF anyone would want to read what I wrote.  I sometimes feel that I’m not saying anything that others have not already said, and probably in better words.  But God is good all the time and has blessed the things I write.  When I first started, I struggled to get 100 words written, the blogs were very short.  Now, I have to remind myself to shut up.  Thank you, to the ones that have and do read what I write.  You have blessed me beyond measure.  I certainly do not deserve any of the kindness bestowed upon me by you the readers or by God.   I pray that I have over the past two years God has used me to encourage you and build up your faith.  Thank you, God, for opening doors that no one can shut.   I love the work God is doing.  I often find myself being stretched by my writing.   What st…

No one Knows or Cares

I get up and after reading my Bible, I look at social media to catch up with my friends.  I find it interesting that on any given day, some of my friends will be struggling.  It may be with family, or work, or with someone in their circle that they are struggling.   If we were honest, we have all had those days or weeks.  The times when we feel like no one know or even cares about our struggles.  Christian friend, take heart, you are not alone.  Many others struggle as you do.  In fact, I suspect the one who has no struggles in this life is probably dead.  No matter how alone you feel, God is always there.  HE has promised never to leave you or forsake (turn his back on) you.  Don’t listen to Satan’s lie that you are alone; that your struggles are unique to you.  Anything you face, God has faced too and won.  Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.  You and I do not have a struggle too big for God.  This week I have had some struggles.  I felt alone in the battle.  I …