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Doing, Not Looking

I was running a good race.   I was at the mile marker and only needed to stop and walk for a few seconds at a time.  I was in a groove.   My time for this race would be amazing.  Usually, I just try to improve my own personal time.  When we started, an older man with a cane went running by me.  He was holding the cane as he shuffled by me.  I thought well now that’s unique.  Why even have a cane if you don’t need it?  Then I thought WAIT, HOLD THE PHONE no guy with a cane is running faster than me.  Nope! Not happening.  So I stayed close and passed him.  As we neared the one-mile marker, the older man ran by me again.  But this time, he was struggling and scuffing his feet as he ran.   He ran a little further and fell into a deep ditch and just sat there stunned.   At that moment, I was faced with a dilemma.  I could keep running and hopefully win a prize, OR I could stop and help the older gentleman to his feet and lose all the momentum that I had achieved.   For me, it was not eve…