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“Come,” he said.

I love it!  A simple invitation.

It wasn’t a dare, “You think you’re so tough, why don’t you come over here?”

Or a chastisement, “Why do you need me to prove who I am?”

It wasn’t a command, “Get over here now.”

It was a little invitation for Peter to join him, to come to him. 

Peter didn’t hesitate he stepped out of the boat and started walking to Jesus.

He didn’t question Jesus.  Peter just believed that he could do the impossible.

Sometimes we need to heed the invitation to come.

We need to hear Jesus invitation to come and get out of the boat

when Jesus is passing by so that we can be awed by the glory of our God.

We need to answer the invitation to come to Jesus (Matthew 11:28)

and find rest because some days are tough, and we need the rest that Jesus gives.

We need to come (Matthew 4:19)

and follow Jesus when he calls us to leave everything familiar.

When we are hungry and thirsty,

Jesus says “Come,” and I will satisfy your deepest longings.  (John 6:35; 7:37).…