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A Little Faith

Have you ever seen some people that seem to have such strong faith that it amazed you?  I have seen some  and to be honest sometimes I wish I had more faith because my own seem often so fragile and weak.  As I was reading and reflecting on the account of Jesus resurrection on that first Easter morning, my mind went to the women who went to the tomb. As I read, I could just see these women headed to the tomb.  It was early and they carefully carried the spices they would need for Jesus’ body.   The body that was laid in a tomb with a huge rock rolled in front of it AND , guards posted at the tomb.  There were guards to be sure no one got to Jesus body.  Most of us would have probably not even bothered to go to the tomb.  We would see the hopelessness of the situation and write it off as impossible.  Nevertheless, these ladies had enough faith to go to the tomb WITH spices.  They may not have known how, but they knew that they were going to give him a “proper burial.”  Perhaps they fig…