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Close Enough to Help

Sometimes, I have a “lightbulb” moment, and I begin to see things a little more clearly.   Tonight as we were sitting at the table having a sub sandwich and soda, my children and I were talking about church.   My son said, “I don’t like that they put so many church services on the television and internet because then people feel like they don’t have to go to church.”  My daughter, who loves to debate, said, “they can go to church without getting too close to people.”  As my daughter said this, the light bulb kicked on.   How can I help and encourage people if I’m at a distance?  I can’t.  Sometimes, at work, in my neighborhood, in my circles I have found that we often fail to get close enough to people to help them.  If I was walking across the road and fell, in order to help me you would need to come to where I was.  You would need to come beside me.  It’s why Christians need to meet with other Christians too.  We need the encouragement that they can offer.  The world can wear us dow…