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I'm a Survivor

My children and I have some of our best conversations in the car.  Maybe it is because we are not as distracted by other things, so we actually focus on talking with the other person.  Sometimes it is just a word or two and they really get me thinking.  I had a conversation like this with our middle daughter the other day.  As I was driving, I turned to her and said, “My goal is to survive life”.  My daughter looked at me laughed and said, “Mom no one survives life”.  We both laughed, but as I thought about that very short conversation realized how right she was.  I thought about how often I let the cares of this world invade and steal my peace and joy.  God reminded me through my child that there is nothing in the world worth worrying about.  In fact, I had been doing that very thing right then.    Unless Christ returns before we die, none of us will leave this world alive.  That means I do not have to worry about whether I am going to have enough money.  I do not need to be afraid …