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The very last thing that Jesus told his disciples in Luke was to “stay in the city until you are given power from heaven.”  At the beginning of Acts, Luke reminds us that this was Jesus instruction to the disciples.  We see that the disciples are obedient to the directions given by the Lord.  They are gathering together in the upper room.  In fact, we are told that not only are they gathered together, but they were also all meeting in the same place.  I love this little picture of obedience!  They knew that the one thing that Jesus asked of them was that they remain in Jerusalem.  Jesus said, “Don’t go anywhere until you receive power from the Holy Spirit.”  Looking back, from our perspective, it seems like an easy task, but to them this may not have been easy.  After all, they had no idea HOW long they would have to stay in Jerusalem they only knew that he said to stay put and wait.  However, how many of us like to wait even an hour at the doctor’s office?  Now imagine if you had to…