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Hands and Feet

I was sitting at home cuddled in my jammies for the night just relaxing with a cup of coffee; when I got a call from a friend asking for a ride to the gas station.   Did I mention it was late?  When she called, the last thing I wanted to do on the planet was leave the comforts of my house to drive to the gas station.  I was in my "jammies".  I was in for the night. I wanted to tell them that I could not take them to get gas.  Then I heard a small voice murmur in my ear, "Do you love me enough to take her to get gas?"  “Of course I love you,” I replied.  “Take her to the gas station,” said the still small voice.  So I got dressed and took my friend to get gas.  On the way to the station, we talked of many things, and I realized she was in need of more than gas.  She was emotionally tired and needed words of comfort and encouragement.  I am praising God that he had given me the privilege of being his hands and feet that night.  Over the years,  I have come to realiz…