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What Are You Planting

When I was growing up, every year my dad would plant a garden.   
I helped (forced labor).  
I didn’t mind because I loved helping my dad.  
He would plant potatoes and green beans and corn.  
We worked all summer, then in the fall we enjoyed the fresh veggies. 
The funny thing is, we always got when we planted.   
I mean my dad never planted beans and had carrots grow.  
Most of you, right now, are saying,” duh.”  
There is a physical law that says, “You reap what you sow.”  
We all understand this law in the physical realm, 
but it’s also true in the spiritual realm.  
We reap what we plant.
If we plant seeds of love
Then love, we will harvest.
If we plant seeds of bitterness
We should not be surprised if we receive that back.
What we often forget is that whether we like it or not 
and whether we know it or not we are planting seeds.

The seeds we plant determine the harvest that we will have.  
If we want love in our lives, we must sow seeds of love, 
and if we wish to have mercy, we must start with ke…