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Pass the Blame

We have some special people in our house.  One is called, “I didn’t do it” and  the other is It wasn’t me.”  They usually only appear like little leprechauns when something has gone awry.   Someone will come in carrying something in pieces.  It is not supposed to be in pieces, and the first thing I’ll hear is “I didn't do it.”  Or I’ll say, “Who ate the rest of the.. .” and suddenly out of nowhere “not me” will appear.  I know I’m not the first one to have this problem, In fact, the problem first started way back in the Garden of Eden.   When Adam and Eve sinned and ate of the forbidden fruit, God came looking for them.   When God asks, “Did you eat the forbidden fruit?  The first thing they did was to blame.  Adam blamed Eve.  When God questioned Eve, she blamed the serpent.  While the blame may have been slightly accurate, yes it was the snake who enticed Eve, and Eve encouraged Adam, it was also an attempt to get themselves out of hot water.   Just like when I ask “who ate …” …