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Not Just The Big Things

6 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever—

It was cold  freezing,  but I HAD to get to the bank and some other errands to complete otherwise I might nothave even ventured outside.  We, Abby and I, got started.  We made our first stop at the post office.  It was there that I made my discovery;  I had forgotten a check that needed to go to the bank, eeeps.  We popped a u-ie and returned home toget the check.  I shut the car off ran in the house, grabbed the check, ran back to the car and turned the key….. nothing.  No click, no engine sound, nothing the car was dead.  I came back in and informed my darling husband that the car was not starting.  By now I’m getting annoyed. While he was getting shoes on, he asked, “Did you check the battery cables?”  To which. I replied, “Ummm no.”   Now I felt a little foolish.  I should have thought to verify that.  I went back checked the cable, and sure enough it was loose.  I adjusted it a…