Grow Old Gracefully

I’d like to tell you about a lady I visited yesterday.   She is ninety-five years young.  She recently moved into nursing home.  She asked one of the workers how many times she would have to walk around the outside of the building in order to walk a mile.  She said the person told her about ten.   Then she leaned in really close and whispered, “I walked around twelve just to be sure I walked a mile.”  Hahahaha! What a lady!  She loves to keep active, even in a nursing home.  As we talked, I saw no anger or bitterness in her speech or actions. There was only a love for God, a heart of compassion, and a sense of humor. She has befriended the one "prickly pear" at the home because as she said, “I have to love her, so she knows Jesus loves her too.”  Wow!!! I need to live like that!  I want to show that much compassion for those around me that need Jesus.  She loved to talk about God and what he was teaching her.  As we left, I couldn't help thinking to myself, “If I ever live to be ninety-five I want to be like her.”  I want to be closer to God, than I am now.  She could be bitter about where she is right now in her life.  It's what many of us do when we find ourselves in situations that we don't like.  Instead she is “seizing the day” and still bringing joy to those around her. That's what I want to do; seize every day and make it full of joy. So…. If I ever end up in a nursing home, I’ll be still trying to run, and if I can’t, then I’ll have to settle for wheel chair races, and Bible studies.  

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