Prepare by Obedience

So, I've been asking myself how we prepare our hearts for Christmas.

We all know how the "world" gets ready for Christmas.

It's often why we get cranky.

There are parties, and baking.

Let's not forget about shopping and decorations to buy.

Finances and tempers are often short,

and the lists long.

But, how do we prepare our hearts for Christmas?

I have to say I am not sure this is a "one answer fits all" question.

Yet, as I look at Mary and Joseph, I see one quality in them that might help us

in our endeavor to prepare our hearts for Christmas.

It called obedience.  

If anyone had a good reason for questioning God, it would be them.

They took God at his word.  

An angel told Mary she would have a baby without being married

 and her response is "ok,"

Elaine's translation.  There was no argument, just obedience.

Joseph is told to take Mary as his wife and 

went and married her as the angel had said to him; that's obedience

and faith.

No, it wasn't easy because, in that society, they would have been 

outcasts at best, or killed if the people wanted.

For us, I think we also should "put on" obedience" this Christmas season.

Listen to God's voice and follow his instructions.

Perhaps, it is a good deed,

buying an extra gift for someone,

helping a neighbor,

visiting someone who has no one.

I have no idea what God might ask you to do,

But if we listen for His direction

His voice and

if we obey like Mary and Joseph, we are likely to find that

our hearts are more prepared for the coming of our Savior.

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