I Had It All Planned

Ok, so my "plan was to have this written on Sunday.

It's now Tuesday,

My plans fell through.

I realized my daughter was coming and I had lots of preparing to do.

There were dished to clean,

floors to mop,

Food to buy.

The List goes on.

I want her to enjoy being home,

and I want to enjoy having her here.

 love her and want to show her that I love her by having everything ready.

Part of preparing is planning.

God had everything planned out for Jesus, birth as well.

He designed for Mary and Joseph to be his parents,

He planned for him to be born in a barn,

He planned for him to be born in a little town called Bethlehem,

He even made sure that there were people there to welcome him, the shepherds.

I am sure that many might have felt that God had made some mistakes in his "planning."

It just didn't seem like a good plan.

What can be right about a baby in a manger,

and how can a child save the world?

Yet God's plan was perfect,

nothing was out of place or wrong.

God plans for each of us too.

Every circumstance you are facing,

every detail of your existence was designed

by the same God who planned and spoke the world into being,

and prepared

for a baby in a manger, that would save the world.


Because he loves you and I and wants us to know and love him.

So, as Christmas approaches

and interruption come,

remember the one who has the plans and trust him.

He hasn't made any mistakes yet.

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