Alike, But Not The Same

As I look at the world around me,

I am in awe of  the creativity of the God who created it.

I'm awed by the fact that the God who created sameness in each and every person

 also created uniqueness in every person.

 In everything God created,
there is a degree of similarity

and at the same time things that make each object unique and unlike any other.

It doesn't matter whether it's animals,

plants and  trees,

or the stars in the sky there are similarities and differences in each one .   

The amazing thing, and what I'm thankful for, 

is that God did not hoard creativity and imagination and keep it all for himself.  

No, he also lavishes it on us as the crown of his creation.  

For some, it's singing, 

others writing, 

still others photography, 


cooking and the list goes on.  

Everyone has been given creativity by God; 

some more, some less; 

but everyone has some.  

In whatever manner God has made you creative see it as a way of praising your creator.                                                        

 Thank You God for the creativity you give us;

 May we  see it as a gift from you and use it wisely,                                                                   
 and boldly as a way of praising you.                                                                                

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