The Problem With the Political Candidates

I  sit here this morning with my cup of coffee reading Facebook posts.   Most of them were political.  Some defending Mr.Trump for things he said on a tape a few years ago; others were defending Ms. Clinton.   I long ago gave up trying to decide who is right in the political arena.  You foolish Americans!  Can you not see that these two candidates mirror the society in which we live?  Mr. Trump is brash, speaking and acting without thinking, and vulgar, profanity is as natural as breathing.   While I hate it, I am not shocked.  I work in retail; I see this kind if thing demonstrated every day by coworkers, and customers. Being sexually lewd is as common in our society as changing your dirty socks or underwear.  We should be ashamed of a culture where this is acceptable on any level.   Ms. Clinton is no better; she has lied, to deflect disgrace from herself; she has supported the murder of innocent men, women, and children.  I abhor, what she has done, but as I look at society, her attitude is no different than that of society in general.  We support mass murder of innocent babies in the name of being pro-choice. There are shootings in our schools, malls, streets and it is defended in the name of "equal rights" Really? can we expect less from our government officials or candidates?  If a person dares to denounce this type of behavior and live differently, they are considered strange and thought of as a threat to society. The problem lies with each of us.  We, as a people need to put aside the detestable behaviors of society and turn to God.   The problem is not our leaders, it is,  in fact, a society that has turned from the one true God to lesser gods. We, who live as Christians need to do as Moses did, and come before God, standing in the gap for our country begging him, God, to relent from the punishment we deserve as a nation.   Perhaps God will spare our nation.  Even if he does not, can we condone such behavior?  As I write this, I want you to know that I do NOT hate anyone, but I do hate lewdness, vulgarity, lying, murder, and any other type of sin.  Am I guilty of sin? absolutely.  I'm not perfect, but I try to live by the standards set forth by God.  I would consider this behavior unacceptable in my life, and it is not acceptable for a society that wants to please the God of heaven.  So, I watch in frustration as people defend actions that God would clearly not accept. I challenge to live as children of the God whom you profess to love.  It may be that God will relent of the punishment he has planned.  Would God not have spared Sodom and Gomorrah it there had been 10 righteous people in that city?  Even if there are not enough righteous people for God to spare the nation, perhaps, he will spare the few that have not caved to the standards of the culture in which we live.

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