Gut Wrenching Shouts


I pray a lot. Sometimes my prayers are quiet and gentle.   Like rain and they refresh my soul. 

They are prayers of thankfulness that bubble up from gratitude in my heart.

Then, sometimes they are more like silent screams,

Or maybe gut-wrenching shouts.

Like when I realized my daughter would be in the path of a hurricane and the “mom” in me kicked in.  I wanted to protect my daughter and I couldn’t.  So I 
cry out to the only person who could be there with her,


God keep her safe,

Turn the storm around

Wrap your arms around her

Because I cannot be there to do it.

Or when I realized that we were driving on a little path and there was tons of mud and puddles and steep drop off’s on both sides.  So with white knuckled driving; you start calling

God, I need you, 

Please help!

Keep the car on the road!

Why? Because you know that he is the only one who can help you.

And your prayers come from the bottom of your soul

Your whole being cries out to God.

The God who is big enough to handle any problem, as close as the mention of his name.

The God who has the answer before you can breathe the prayer.

And when the storm has passed, 

I rest knowing that God did answer those screams of my soul.

Or when I am finally back on a "main" road knowing that the God of the universe heard my the cries and fear-laden pleas for help and kept the car on the road.

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