I Don't Wash Dishes

I don’t wash dishes now.  I used to wash the dishes after every meal, well once a day at least. But I have decided that I no longer need to wash the dishes for them to be clean.

I don’t wash my clothes either.  I used to wash them all the time, but lately, I just don’t have a chance to wash my clothes.  I’m too busy, so I’ll wash them when I have more time.

I also stopped driving my car.  There are so many bad drivers on the road that  I decided it is way too dangerous to drive.  I save a bunch of money on insurance, gas, and upkeep on a car too.

I don’t pay for electric either.  I mean I do not need lights.  When it gets dark, I just go to bed.  Electronics is evil.  I’ve decided to avoid it at all costs.    I used to have a television, but I saw some questionable commercials, so I concluded that it was bad.

I also don’t use water.   Nope, it’s not necessary.  I’ll be just fine without it.
Oh and I also decided that I am cutting back on my food intake.  

I decided that we are only going to eat once a day, every other day.  I think that should be adequate.

I have to tell you, my family is not necessarily on board with these ideas, but I’m sure they will come around, in time.

Right now you’re all thinking, umm I seriously doubt they are going to agree with any of those ideas, and you are probably right.

I often hear;

I don’t have to read the Bible or go to church to be a Christian. 

Or I have no time to read the Bible, pray, or go to church.  I’m just too busy.  I’ll Read my Bible when I have more time.

Maybe they say, I don’t go to church because there are bad Christians (hypocrites) there.

Or better yet, I go to church on Sunday, I don’t need to read my Bible, that’s why I go to church.

Or I don’t want my Bible reading or church attendance to become a ritual.  

We would never use these excuses, that’s what they are, in other areas of our life so….

Why use this logic in our spiritual life?   If you love God reading your Bible is not a chore, although I may not always be “excited” about it each day.  I may have to “make time for God’s word occasionally.  But because we LOVE God, we love to learn what he wants from us.  When we love God, we desire what pleases him.  I go to church because I love God.  Love for God compels me to read the Bible, go to church, pray or even tithe.  In fact, it is the only reason FOR doing those things.  Any other reason falls short, and any reason a Christian gives for not doing those things is just an excuse. 

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