Focus Like You're Playing Pokemon Go

Photo is  a Bruce A. Pratt original and used by permission

Pokémon Go, it’s the newest rage.  It’s a video game that you download the app for on your phone.  You walk around and try to find the creatures that are on your phone.  The problem is that people are getting so focused on the game that they forget to pay attention to where they are or what they are doing.

They walk into the middle of the street without watching; accidents caused by Pokemon Go

It has caused traffic accidents;

People walking off a cliff.

Now I’m not going to tell you the game is bad or good; that’s not the point of this blog.  I am amazed at how focused people get when they are playing the game.  The players are so focused that they forget everything else.


walking off a cliff because you didn’t know where you were;

or crashing your car into a tree because you were trying to get a Pokémon;

Better yet, perhaps falling into a hole and twisting your ankle because you didn’t see the hole;

And what about walking into traffic because you were so into the game that you had no idea you were walking into a street.

As I’ve been reading these stories, I wonder what our world would look like if we, Christians, were that “Zoned in” on God; if we were so focused on God that nothing else mattered. 

We would see the world with God’s eyes.

We would see a hurting, broken, sick world. 

We would see people in need of love,

We would see people without hope, with nowhere to turn.

Maybe we would start looking for people, not Pokémons. 

We would look for people who are lonely, lost.

We would find the sick,

We would find the one sorry for the mess they made.

The broken fragments of this world are all around you; you only have to look and focus in on them.  There’s a good chance it will make a difference, and you’re not likely to walk into a hole or crash your car.  I think I’ll look for some people to help instead of playing Pokémon. 
Oh, one more thing you still have to go to find them.  Yes, they may be in your home, but they are more likely out there.   Outside your house.

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