I Love God!

I Love God!  There I said it!  Not just a little, like I would go to church on Sunday but that’s as far as I would take the whole “God Thing.” No, I Love him way more than that.   I am sure I annoy some people because I always want to “drag God” into every situation.  I honestly can’t help it!  God is not just something to do on a Sunday so I can feel better.

For me, God is also Monday thru Friday at work;

at the store when I’m shopping;

In the car (I love to crank up my Christian music and get my worship on);

At home;

When I’m on the computer;

Or even walking.

I cannot separate God from any part of my life.  I don’t even know how and I do not want to leave my Lord out of anything.  I know Some people are content to compartmentalize God but, for me, it’s all or nothing.   I love to talk about God; I see God in everything.  That excites me.  God is not just a part of my life; He is my life.   Is God part of your life, or is he your whole life.   He wants to be your life.  Like the petals on a flower, get their life from the stem.  I get my life from God.

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