Don't be Disqualified

Today there was a 5k at a local camp.   My husband and I decided to run, ok walk, in the race.  We registered, got our bibs and waited for the race to start.  After a few minutes, I looked down and noticed that the bottom of my bib was missing.  I began an immediate search for the missing part of the paper because I did not want The judge to disqualify me.  Then I noticed that the missing strip was tucked up under the rest of the bib.  I straightened it out. Crisis averted.  As I was looking for the missing piece, I had a God moment.   I instantly thought of another race.  This race we call life.  One day each of us, me you, your children, the neighbor, everyone will cross the finish line of life.

Today was also Memorial day so we went to the graves of my parents and grandparents and placed flowers there to honor them.  As I looked around the cemeteries, there were numerous tombstones guess what?  Each of those people had crossed the finish line, at some point.  No one gets out of life alive.  The Bible says, “It is appointed for man once to die but after that the judgment.  Hebrews 9:27.”  Sadly, some will cross that finish line and be disqualified because they never put their trust in the one who can make them qualified.  Friends, there is only one way not to be disqualified is to believe in Jesus.  He makes us right before God.  I urge you to be sure you are not disqualified in the race called life.  Trust Jesus; put your life in his hands

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