What Love Demands

I went to visit my daughter.  She lives in Georgia, and I live in Pennsylvania.   Unless you've gone on vacation, you would not believe all the extra work that goes into making this happen.

I spent hours making lists for those staying here.
I had to find people to check on things while we were gone.
I had to make sure there was food so they wouldn't starve while I was gone.
I had to purchase tickets for the excursion.
I had to clean the house so they could mess it up while I was gone.
I had to get time off from work.

I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

So, why did I want to do all those extra things?   One word LOVE.  

I love my daughter and want to spend time with her.  
I love the ones staying here and wanted to be sure their needs were met.

So I will gladly spend three hours driving to an airport.  Ok, it was supposed to take three hours.  I can't help it if it only took me two hours.

I will gladly make sure there was food and that someone would be checking in to be sure everything was ok.

Love sometimes demands a sacrifice.  In this case money and time, but in truth, it seemed like a small price to pay because I love my family and I would do it again in a Mississippi second.

Our love for God often demands sacrifice also.  

We may have to sacrifice our time to help a neighbor,
Or give our money so that someone can have food or water.
It may require giving up a tv show so that we can spend time with God.
It may require giving up a Sunday activity so that we can meet with the family of God,
Or standing alone because our conscience won't let us participate in evil.

Those sacrifices, seem like a small thing because we love God.  We sacrifice not bulls and goats or our best cow, but love demands a sacrifice.

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