The Hardest Thing To Do

I was tired, worn out.  The day had been long, yet, as I closed my eyes,  I found sleep elusive.

So many thoughts kept running through my mind.

So I began praying,

             praying for my children who are living their own lives.
             praying that they always look to God.
             praying that God will bless them.

I started praying for our country.

             praying that we, as a nation, will seek God.
             praying for wisdom in the coming election
             wisdom to know who should get my vote.

As I was praying, God gave me some insight that gave me peace and calmed my mind.

God reminded me that on the day Jesus was crucified, there were likely many who disagreed with the crowd.

They could have voiced their opinion, but they didn't.
Yes, I'm aware that it was God's plan for Jesus to suffer and die for our sins,
but  did not those who disagreed, who felt that Jesus was not deserving of death still have a responsibility to speak their opinion even if it was not heard?

So, also in our country, as Christians, we have the  option and perhaps more responsibility to seek God and find out about the candidates and make our opinion heard.

I had been wondering if I should vote along with the majority, or if I should stand by my original position even if I stand alone.  I came away sure that I should remain true to my original opinion even if everyone chooses a bad candidate because I can only answer for me.

It may indeed be that a godless man will rule our country, but I will have a clear conscience.

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to stand against the majority.   To voice a "free him" when everyone else is saying "crucify him."


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