Overwhelmed in a World Spinning Out Of Control

I confess, sometimes I feel overwhelmed and helpless.  When I was in school and I could not understand the new concept that everyone else seemed to know,


when I was a new mother trying to do everything right for this new life that had been entrusted to me.

 Later when my children would ask questions for which I had no answers.  Why did grandpa die?  Or Why am I here?

And lately, when I look at the state of the nation and world.  I see perspective presidents and cringe and or get violently ill (not an exaggeration), and I feel helpless.

One candidate is nothing more than a public spectacle

another is s liar who will do whatever it takes to get the power they want.

Yes, there are other prospective candidates out there, but the front runners scare me.

As I was dwelling on this, feelings of desperation and despair started sweeping over me.  I could not help feeling a little like Elijah hiding in a cave feeling like I am the only one left who is following God,  or Jeremiah weeping or Israel.  As gloom and despair were setting in, I went to a quiz meet (that would be Bible quizzing).

Before we start quizzing, there is always a time of Praise and Worship.  It was during this time that God spoke to me.  As we were singing, I stopped and listened to the other people raising their voices to God.  God reminded me that I am not the only one left who will listen to him. Yes, it is true that there are fewer than there have been at other times.  But there are still a few who have not bowed their knee to other Gods, who have not corrupted themselves.  What a comfort to know that God is working even when everything seems in such dire straits.

It seems, in this election that people are looking for a candidate that can save the country.  Friends, there is not a candidate alive that can save this country. That's God's job.  We should not expect Man to do God's job.

I have decided to do the few things I can do.

I can pray.

        I  pray that evil will be exposed.

        I can pray for good to triumph.

        I can pray for those who follow Jesus to be faithful to him and be bold.

I can trust God that no matter what happens, He is still in control working out a grander design.

How calming to know that God is in control

         when I watch a candidate that seems out of control
         when I  look at a world, that seems spinning out of control.

One last thing,

I can remain faithful to God and refuse to follow the crowd even if it appears I'm walking alone.

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